COMBO TESTER (Model: CT-300)

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The potential for damage caused by a static charge build-up on personnel involved in the handling of semiconductor devices. ESD wrist strap, heel strap,toe-strap and foot wears are most commonly used protective devices which prevent the build-up of electrostatic charge on personnel. The random failure of wrist strap or foot wears compromises the protection. Thus, it is important to test every wrist strap / footwear regularly.
The model CT-300 Combo Tester Controlled Entry Systems is designed to control of personnel into ESD safe area by measuring foot wears or wrist strap resistance. If the measured resistance is within limits and access is approved, the turnstile unlocks permitting passage. Also the tester offers the operator a visual and audible measurement of PASS or FAIL of the personnel groundings. It is good security system for entry of personnel into the restricted ESD safe area.  

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