Esd Aprons

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ESD Apron are made using Fabric consisting of 96% Polyester and 4% conductive fibers. The fabric is compatible in cleanrooms as well. ESD Knee Length coat is stitched using conductive silver impergnated thread to ensure lifelong conductivity. The apparel is stitched in standard sizes-Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L) and Extra Large (XL) sizes. The garments can also be stitched as per customer specifications incorporating pockets, logos and other features to suit different requirements of the operators.  ESD Aprons can be made with plastic buttons, zippers or Velcro for ease of wearing. For our standard design ask for our datasheet.

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  • Renjitha


    6 months ago

    Pls give price estimation for ESD Footwear for 30 qty of different sizes. as soon as possible

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