ESD chair Eco seat 1924 fabric

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The ECO SEAT Chairs have been made to incorporate the Electrical properties of the ESD Chairs with the aesthetics and comfort of cloth upholstery at an economical price. The chair is also revolving type and height adjustable from the floor.


* Seat & Backrest are upholstered with ESD cloth which is suitable for chairs and breathable.
* Colour of Seat & Back Rest- Grey
* Seat type: smooth revolving.
* Cushion: Seat & Back rest.
* Structure of chair: Tubular M.S with chrome plating.
* Chair Base: Chrome Plated Star M.S. Base
* Height Adjustable Seat using Gas Lift Mechanism.
* Arm rest- Adjustable / Non-Adjustable options available.
* Back Seat- the back is locked in vertical position


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