Wooden Pedestal / Drawer Cabinet

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ESD Safe Drawer Cabinets offer a reliable and efficient way to store and protect ESD-sensitive devices while ensuring easy access and optimal organization. T

1. ESD Protection and Design

ESD Safe Drawer Cabinets are specifically designed to prevent the accumulation and discharge of static electricity, providing a controlled environment for ESD-sensitive devices:

a. Conductive Materials: These cabinets are constructed with materials that possess static-dissipative properties of these materials help to dissipate static charges and minimize the risk of ESD-related damage to the stored electronic devices.

b. Grounding Mechanism: ESD Safe Drawer Cabinets are equipped with grounding mechanisms that establish a direct path to ground. This mechanism allows any static charges to safely flow away from the cabinet, reducing the potential for harmful discharges.

c. Shielding and Faraday Cage Design: Some ESD Safe Drawer Cabinets incorporate shielding or Faraday cage design elements to provide additional protection. These features help to block external electrostatic fields and prevent the penetration of ESD-inducing signals, further enhancing the overall ESD protection.

2. Organized Storage and Accessibility

ESD Safe Drawer Cabinets offer several features to facilitate efficient organization and easy access to ESD-sensitive devices:

a. Multiple Drawers and Compartments: These cabinets typically feature multiple drawers and compartments, allowing for efficient organization of electronic components based on size, type, or project. 

b. Adjustable Dividers and Inserts: ESD Safe Drawer Cabinets can be made with adjustable dividers or inserts that can be customized to fit the specific storage needs. 

c. Full Extension and Smooth-Glide Drawers: The drawers in ESD Safe Drawer Cabinets are designed with full extension and smooth-glide mechanisms, providing easy access to the stored items. This feature improves efficiency, as users can quickly retrieve or store components without struggling with stiff or stuck drawers.

3. Durability and Workspace Integration

ESD Safe Drawer Cabinets offer durability and seamless integration into various work environments:

a. Sturdy Construction: These cabinets are built with robust materials to withstand the demands of industrial environments. The sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability and protection for the stored components.

b. Compatibility with ESD Accessories: ESD Safe Drawer Cabinets often integrate with other ESD control accessories, such as grounding points or ESD-safe foam inserts. This compatibility enhances the overall effectiveness of the ESD control measures within the storage area, further minimizing the risk of ESD-related damage.

c. Workspace Integration: ESD Safe Drawer Cabinets are designed to seamlessly integrate into different workspaces, whether on benches, shelves, or in storage rooms. Their aesthetic appeal and compact design contribute to an organized and professional environment.


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Type Particle board MDF  Plywood


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