Suspended Type MS Pedestals

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Made of 1.2mm thick CRCA- MS / SS  Sheetmetal.
ESD and Non-ESD powder coating is possible.
Flush type handle is the default type. 
Size: 400 x 475 x 680 mm
Colours available: Defalt ESD Grey. other colours available on request. 


Type No. of Drawers Size Product Codes
ESD 1 150x475x150 mm SUSPEDMS150475150ESD
2 150x475x300 mm SUSPEDMS150475300ESD
3 150x475x500 mm SUSPEDMS150475300ESD
4 150x475x600 mm SUSPEDMS150475600ESD
2+1 150x475x600 mm SUSPEDMS1504756002+1ESD
Non ESD 1 150x475x150 mm SUSPEDMS150475150NONESD
2 150x475x300 mm SUSPEDMS150475300NONESD
3 150x475x500 mm SUSPEDMS150475300NONESD
4 150x475x600 mm SUSPEDMS150475600NONESD
2+1 150x475x600 mm SUSPEDMS1504756002+1NONESD

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