EL STAT ESD Vinyl Flooring Tiles

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EL STAT seamlessly integrates innovation with precision Electrostatic Discharge Control, solidifying its position as a leading brand in the industry. Our ESD Vinyl tiles, measuring 600 X 600 mm with a thickness of 2 mm, are meticulously designed to enhance your workspace with unparalleled quality and performance.

EL STAT ESD Flooring is available in both conductive flooring and static dissipative flooring varieties, offering a range of colours to customize your flooring and ensure optimal electrostatic discharge control.

Crafted through a process of heat pressing vinyl chips coated with conductive ink into a large mould, our compressed Vinyl Flooring Tiles undergo meticulous production. The ESD tiles are then sliced from the block, tempered in an oven, and finished on the top and bottom surfaces before being cut to the required sizes.

As a pioneering force in ESD Control solutions in India, Cir-Q-Tech specializes in Electrostatic Discharge Flooring. Our Anti static flooring adhere to industry standards, ensuring a secure and controlled environment for sensitive electronic components. Elevate your workspace with EL STAT ESD Vinyl Flooring Tiles (anti static Vinyl tiles) – where quality, innovation, and performance converge. Contact us today to explore the future of Electrostatic Discharge Control.

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