Model 156A Charged-Plate Monitor

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Charged-Plate Monitor
The Model 156A tests the efficiency of your ionizer’s ion production by timing how long it takes air ions produced to discharge a floating plate that has been pre-charged to either a positive or negative value. The Model 156A also tests the balance between positive and negative air ions by measuring the offset voltage generated on a floating plate due to an imbalance of positive and negative air ions impinging on the plate from your ionizer.
Typically, as the ionizer ages, the rates of positive and negative air ion production decline. Consequently, the time required for the ionizer to neutralize static charges increases, and the balance of positive and negative air ions changes.
The neutralization (decay) time may become too long for the ionizer to fully neutralize charges that are generated at a work location, or the ionizer may begin to charge objects that were initially uncharged.
By using the Model 156A to periodically measure the decay times and the ion balance, the need for, and frequency of, ionizer preventative maintenance can be easily determined.  

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