Model 542A Non-Contacting Electrostatic Voltmeter

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The Trek Model 542A Electrostatic Voltmeter provides accurate non-contacting measurements of electrostatic surface voltage associated with EOS/ESD processes. It is ideally suited to monitor critical operations associated with semiconductor, LCD, electronic assembly and other processes where static charge accumulation pose an ESD threat to production yields or product quality.
A twenty by four (20 x 4) alphanumeric LCD screen displays the present measured voltage, the positive peak voltage value, the negative peak voltage value and additional menu information. The Model 542A includes independently programmable plus (+) and minus (-) voltage threshold/alarm limits. Audible and visible alarms indicate the detection of surface voltages which meet or exceed the programmed limits.
The Model 542A-1 has a measurement range of 0 to ±10 kV; the Model 542A-2 a range of 0 to ±20 kV. They have an exceptional 5% reading accuracy, ±2% of full scale, over the probe to surface separation distance of 15 to 30 mm for the Model 542A-1 and 30 to 60 mm for the Model 542A-2.
Both models utilize a DC stable electrostatic field chopper probe that can be remotely located and easily positioned within process equipment to provide drift-free, highly accurate, non-contacting, spacing independent voltage measurements in either ionized or non-ionized environments. Each model has 2 probes: a side-viewing probe and a probe with a 45 degree sensor surface angle.
In addition, a relay contact output activates upon reaching the preset alarm voltage setting. This relay signal can be connected to a process controlling device or other external equipment. A voltage output monitor and a 4-20 mA current loop output provides additional signal interfacing to facility monitoring equipment. Either a USB port RS-232 serial port can provide computer based control and monitoring.  

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