Model 20/20C High-Voltage Power Amplifier

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The Model 20/20C is a DC-stable, high-voltage power amplifier used in industrial and research applications such as electrostatic deflection, electrophoresis research, dielectric studies, and accelerated life-testing of high tension cables for power transmission. The Model 20/20C provides precise control of output voltages in the range of 0 to ±20 kV DC or peak AC with an output current range of 0 to ±20 mA DC or peak AC. The unit is configured as a noninverting amplifier with a fixed gain of 2000 V/V.
The Model 20/20C features an all solid-state design for high slew rate, wide bandwidth, and low-noise operation. The four- quadrant, active output stage sinks or sources current into reactive or resistive loads throughout the output voltage range. This type of output is essential to achieve an accurate output response and high slew rate demanded by a variety of loads such as highly capacitive or reactive loads.
The Model 20/20C is protected against over-voltage and over- current conditions that may be generated by active loads or by output short circuits to ground. This protection includes a user selected TRIP OFF or CURRENT LIMIT value which can be adjusted to a desired level by using a front panel potentiometer. Precision voltage and current monitors provide low-voltage replicas of the high-voltage output and load current for monitoring purposes or for use as feedback signals in a closed- loop system.
The Remote High-Voltage On/Off feature provides a connection for a remote device to turn on and off the high voltage of the instrument. This makes the Model 20/20C suitable for automated or computer controlled systems. The Model 20/20C can be operated on a bench top or in a standard 19-inch rack.  

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