Dr. Albert Kow Kek Hing, Chairman

Dr. Albert Kow is the founder of ESD Consulting Group, USA and Group Managing Director of an established Group of Companies which specializes in the ESD (Static Control) product business. As a iNarte* Certified ESD Engineer (USA), Dr. Albert regularly delivers seminars and talks on ESD subjects throughout the ASEAN and the neighbouring countries. Organizations benefited from Dr. Albert Kow’s program include renown companies like Freescale (Motorola), Texas Instrument, StatsChippac, Harris Semiconductors, Seagate, Western Digital, National Semiconductor, Sony, Fujitsu, Hitachi, TDK, Dovatron, Siemens, Flextronics, Celestica, TEAC, etc.

Over the past years in the ESD industry, Dr. Albert Kow has designed, developed and facilitated more than 30 ESD Seminars and ESD talks to over 1,000 participants comprises more than 50 companies in the Semiconductor, PCB Assembly, Diskdrive, Wafer Fabrication and other Electronics related industries in the ASEAN Region. Todate, Dr. Albert has submitted a total of more than thirty (30) patent applications in the area of static control. In 2007, Dr. Albert has co-authored an ESD Control Handbook (in Chinese) and proven a popular ESD Control reference book in China and abroad. Dr. Albert has completed his tertiary education in Singapore in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1977 and currently a holder of Ph.D in The Management of Electrostatic Control.


Late. K.V. Keshava Murthy, Founder

Late. K.V. Keshava Murthy, Founder Mr. Keshava Murthy founded Cir-Q-Tech Technologies in 1989, pioneering ESD Control Solutions to manufacturing industries in India. As the business progressed Mr. Keshavamurthy realised the need to collaborate with established ESD Control product manufacturers and then partnered with Tako Technologies, Singapore to scale the business. As the market began to evolve combined with increasing demand for products, Mr. Keshavamurthy collaborated with leading product manufacturers for specific products in Europe, USA, and KOREA. Mr. Keshava Murthy was also instrumental in setting up Cir-Q-Tech Tako’s manufacturing unit in Bidadi, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, which has grown manifold times to cater to the fast developing manufacturing segment in India.


Raj Kiran, Joint Managing Director

Raj Kiran our Managing Director is a professional who provides inspiration, motivation, and guidance to the leaders and managers of the company. He is in charge of directing the company's operations to make sure it achieves its objectives effectively and efficiently.
As a iNARTE Certified ESD engineer Raj Kiran has been able to keep ahead of the ESD Control trends in the Electronics Industry and has empowered the growth of Cir-Q-Tech, through new client acquisitions, customer centric sales strategies and increased revenues. He has been able to come up with some innovative technical work to help customers reduce wastages and costs while simultaneously increasing business for the company.

Being An Alumni of IIM Bangalore he has successfully put to use the learning to position the company for long term growth and innovation. As a firm believer that India should manufacture for the world he has spearheaded the successful in productionizing ESD safe Lab Furnitures, Production Furnitures, ESD Packaging materials, Racks, Cabinets, etc. He continuously evaluates and maintains the ideal product mix for the company offerings and sets the overall strategy.

Raj Kiran has been instrumental in achieving remarkable results for the company. Under his leadership, the company has increased its revenue, market share, customer base, product portfolio, and reputation. The MD has also fostered a positive work culture that values excellence, collaboration, diversity, and social responsibility.


Nanda Kishore K, Joint Managing Director

Nanda Kishore K, Joint Managing Director is Highly experienced in providing customized solutions in industrial processes where electrostatic charge is a concern. He has 14 years of experience in consulting and developing new technology solutions to solve electrostatic problems in wide variety of industries : plastic , pharma, ammunition, printing and glass. He Personally trained for 6 years with India’s Top electrostatics expert : Dr Sudheendranath (Doctorate from Leibig university, Germany)

He has achieved several breakthroughs in the pharma industry by developing solutions for many troubling electrostatic problems. These solutions achieved safety purpose, improved production efficiency, prevented contaminations and drastically improved quality. He is well versed with large scale implementation & commissioning of ionization technology in companies. He has achieved recognition for “outstanding technical achievements” from large American conglomerate ITW ( Illinois tool works).

MNC Collaborations


Cir-Q-Tech Tako Technologies is a joint venture with Tako Astatic Technologies Sdn.Bhd, a market leader in ESD Control products in Malaysia. This collaboration has empowered Cir-Q-Tech to offer state-of-the-art products and services to leading brands from varied industries including EMS, Telecom, Aerospace, Pharma, Automotive, Semiconductor and Explosives.

Started in 1979, TAKO's ESD products has gained wide market acceptance and popularity among the local semiconductors & related industries. Today, TAKO has grown to be one of the largest and most experienced ESD products manufacturers with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, China with a broad customer base. olutions and other ESD Control products to clients

TAKO Astatic Technology Sdn Bhd
(Co. No: 192122-XE)

Started in 1979, TAKO's ESD products has gained wide market acceptance and popularity among the local semiconductors & related industries. Today, the new TAKO has grown to be one of the largest and most experienced ESD products manufacturers with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, China and a very broad customers base overseas.

Number Of Employee : 100
Business Type : Manufacturing
Area Of Interest : TAKO-Specialist in ESD (Static Control) products.

Tako Astatic Technology Sdn Bhd
Address : 15, Jalan Kesuma 2/2,
Bandar Tasik Kesuma 43700 Beranang,Selangor DE, Malaysia
Tel : 00603 - 8723 8843
Fax : 00603 - 8723 8844
Email : marketing@tako.com.my

Singapore: Tako Clean Products (S) Pte Ltd
Thailand : Tako (Thailand) Co Ltd
India : Cir-Q-Tech Tako Technologies Ptv Ltd
Philippines : ESD Technology & Manufacturing Corporation
China : Tako Astatic Technology of Shanghai
Penang,Malaysia : Tako Astatic Technology (Penang) Sdn Bhd
Melaka,Malaysia : Tako Advanced Technology (M) Sdn Bhd
Ipoh, Malaysia : Tako Static-Clean Technology Sdn Bhd

Awards / Recognitions

Rotary award



Upgraded Mild Streel Fabrication to include CNC machines. Now the company can process Mild Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel to produce a large variety of customized furnitures. ESD Chair Manufacturing set up also expanded.


Upgraded to State of Art Wood Working Facility using CNC Machinery


Expanded in-house Mild Steel Fabrication activities to cover a wider product range


Started promotion of Desco Europe productline of high quality ESD Materials and Testing Equipment.


Setup joint Venture called Yuhai Technology and Manufacturing Supplies pvt ltd at Greater Noida, UP with experienced team of Chinese partners for servicing requirements of mobile manufacturing industry


Moved to a larger manufacturing unit at Bidadi Industrial Area near Bengaluru for indigenous manufacturing of ESD Safe workspaces, Lean Manufacturing solutions and other ESD Control products to clients.


Collaboration with HWH for Lean Manufacturing solutions.


Introduced Stat-con ESD Flooring Tiles


Setup nationwide network of sales and marketing offices to render services to clients across varied industries.


Collaborations with Sto-Cretec, TREK, SIMCO, FORBO, HK Floors, and Berkshire.


Recognised and certified by ISO as ISO 9001:2008 for quality management.


Setup an ESD Materials Testing Lab with state of the art instrumentation and testing facilities.


Setup an assembly unit and warehouse in Electronics City, Bengaluru to assemble ESD products, workstations and render support for products.


Setup Joint Venture with Tako Technologies Sdn, Bhd Malaysia to build a factory at Electronics City and produce a wide range of ESD Control products.


Introduced Forbo, Switzerland make high quality ESD Flooring Tiles in India


Established Cir-Q-Tech as a seller of ESD control products in India. Started educating customers on the effects of ESD and the benefits of ESD Control.