Trek is an expert in high voltage power amplification and electrostatic measurement. A solutions - oriented company since 1968, Trek continues to advance the state-of-the-art in these fields through internal research, conference participation, partnering relationships, and university interactions around the world.


Simco is part of the $16 billion ITW group of companies and is the world-wide leader in Ionization since 1936. Simco services electronics, semiconductor and industrial segments with wide variety of ionizers manufactured by the plants located in USA, Japan and Netherlands. Cir-Q-Tech is proud to be associated with Simco as distributors for the Indian region and we are working with customers in Electronics, Plastic Moulding, Semiconductor and other related industries to use innovative technology from Simco for cost saving, higher production and quality improvement initiatives.


Sto AG is a German headquartered company, specialising in building materials since 1835 and has product lines in Epoxy floor coatings, facade insulation, facade & interior coatings and acoustic materials. Stocretec is part of Sto AG group and specialises in Epoxy and Polyurethane based floor coatings for various industries such as electronics, semiconductor, pharma, mechanical and chemical industries. ESD Safe epoxy based floor coatings from Stocretec are extremely hard wearing, chemically resistant and customisable for various applications.


Forbo Flooring Systems, Switzerland is a manufacturer and global player in high-quality commercial and residential floor coverings. One of the speciality products is the Colorex® high quality compressed vinyl tiles which is cleanroom compatible with permanent ESD properties and can be used for variety of facilities such as cleanrooms, electronics manufacturing, biotech, hospitals and other fields. We are the local stockists for this product and service customers through supply, installation and certification.


Desco Industries Inc is a manufacturer of ESD control products based in Crowborough and Letchworth, UK, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Desco Industries, Inc (DII), an American corporation based in California. With numerous manufacturing sites in the US and UK, our strength is the products that we make. We make and market the best ESD control products; a number made specifically for the European market. Desco Industries Inc and DII have over thirty years of experience and expertise in the theory and practice of controlling electrostatic energy in the production electronics context.